Getting to Know Me {Year of Intention}

Yesterday morning I had coffee with a dear friend who knows me – really knows me. We can talk about anything and everything and one of my favorite aspects of our relationship is that we’re not afraid to dive into heavy topics and as a result, we’ve formed what I consider to be a deep bond over the years. And as I was driving back to the preschool to pick up my daughter, I was comforted by the fact that I have people beyond my husband who really get me. And they don’t run away when they get beyond my hard candy shell.


I first started blogging years ago as my husband, Clay, was preparing for his first deployment and I was facing a brutal winter in Fort Drum, New York. I hadn’t landed a job yet beyond substitute teaching and I hadn’t formed the type of friendships that are vital to surviving such an experience. I was alone, I was cold, and I was scared that I’d be a widow at 22-years-old. So I created a blog and I wrote. I didn’t write about anything particularly meaningful – I just wrote. Since then, I’ve blogged on and off over the years at a variety of venues but I never considered myself a writer. I witnessed the blogging landscape change and what was once a fun outlet became a cesspool of sponsored posts and basket of words that lacked the authenticity that made blogging so great in the early years.

Last month, I declared 2018 as the Year of Intention. In full disclosure, one of my intentions this year is to dust off my previous blogs and really try to give this blogging thing a go once and for all. Analytics (yet another thing that wasn’t commonplace in the early days – bah hum bug) tell me that I have quite a few new readers beyond my immediate family and close friends so a good place to start is by answering some questions I’ve received over the past few weeks.

Getting To Know Me

Where do you live? Clay is currently assigned to an obnoxiously large office building in the Washington DC area. Because we’re priced out of most of the chic Washington DC neighborhoods that offer trendy restaurants and hip watering holes within walking distance of well-performing schools, we currently call Northern Virginia home. There’s a Trader Joes, Whole Foods, and two Starbucks within a 2 mile radius of our house so it’s pretty safe to assume that we’re living the suburban dream. Whenever we want to escape the land of infinite Targets and Mattress Firms, we drive five minutes to the nearest metro station and pretend we belong to the city that 535 members of Congress call home for at least part of the year.

If a movie was made of your life what genre would it be and who would play you? Because I think that You’ve Got Mail is pretty much the most perfect movie ever made, I like to think that my life would lend itself to frothy light-hearted romantic comedy in the genre of a Nora Ephron or Nancy Meyers movie. Although – I just watched Baby Driver and would love to see my life choreographed to music with the help of Edgar Wright. As far as who would play me? Claire Danes because we both can rock some pretty stellar ugly-cry faces. And we both have large noses {btw Claire – I say that with love and admiration!}.


What is the strangest thing you’ve ever eaten? I’ve had both alligator and rattle snake, which I feel like most people have had at least once so I don’t consider those very  strange. I’ve also had salt & vinegar fried crickets, which were surprisingly tasty. However, the strangest thing I’ve attempted to eat was deep friend chicken feet in Chinatown in Montreal. There was a miscommunication while ordering and I was quite disgusted by the plate that was placed in front of me. I ate what I could (which wasn’t much) and then accidentally swallowed a bunch of tien tsin peppers. Let’s just say it wasn’t my favorite meal.

How do you like your steak cooked? I know I should say medium rare because I consider myself a lover of food but I can’t help it – I’m pretty sure I best like my steak medium (ducks under chair).

Do you really love 80’s/early-90s era Tom Selleck? Short answer? Yes. Long answer? What originally began as a silly conversation starter has grown over the years into quite the appreciation for the guy. You see, growing up one of my favorite movies was Three Men and a Little Lady. My 10-year-old self thought that Peter was the most dashing architect in New York City. I would imagine myself as Nancy Travis in a puffy-sleeved wedding gown, marrying Peter in a remote English village with Waiting for a Star to Fall by Boy Meets Girl piping through the church. Then Tom Selleck showed up on Friends as Richard and by that time I was a teenager and the damage was done – I was 100% all-in on Tom Selleck. Once I got to college, I would share stories about my teenage lust for Tom Selleck over beers and the rest is history – I became known for my fondness for the mustached Romeo.


What job would you be absolutely terrible at? Anything that required extensive phone use. I’m not a millennial (actually – I think I am) but I recoil at the idea of having the schedule appointments on the phone. When I find a doctor or a dentist that utilize online scheduling software, I hear the Mormon Tabernacle Choir singing Handel’s Messiah.

What is the worst ingredient to fill a burrito with? Rice. When did that start becoming a thing? Ugh. Rice?!?

What is an embarrassing moments you’re willing to share? Back in 9th grade, I inadvertently asked my math teacher how long his “thingy” was…   ::dead::

Do you like having a husband in the Army? I met Clay two days before September 11th. He was a 2nd year ROTC cadet and I was an impressionable college freshman living in the same dorm. During our time as college sweethearts, we grew up together knowing that war would be an inevitable piece of our story. I was lucky enough to have pinned him when he commissioned and pin on his new rank during his subsequent promotions. While Clay didn’t originally set out to make the military his career, I’ve been with him since almost the beginning so the majority of decisions regarding his career, we have made together. Over the years, he has done a tremendous job at making feel like a valued partner and that my input matters. While we have gone through some really awful things that accompany war and death, I believe we’re both better versions of ourselves than if he didn’t choose this path for himself. I also like him in uniform – especially his Mess Dress. 😍


Do you have any reoccurring nightmares? Yes! About one a month, I dream that it is finals week and I discover that I’ve been unknowingly enrolled in a class the entire semester and the final is in 30 minutes. I frantically try to cram the material but I have yet to make it far enough in the dream to actually take the final. Interestingly, the subject matter changes – one night it’s biology and another it’s French. One time, I even dreamed that it was a hydraulics class, which is especially puzzling because I studied political science and economics. Any amateur dream sleuths want to take a stab at that one?

What about you? 

I’d love to know more about you! Please feel free to answer one of the questions (or all!) or ask another question for someone else to answer. Do you have a reoccurring nightmare? How do you like your coffee? Are you more of a pancake or waffle person? What is your all-time favorite television show? Why do you read blogs?

20 thoughts on “Getting to Know Me {Year of Intention}

  1. How fun! Nice to “meet you”. I tend to have those dreams too – where I didn’t know I was in a class all year, or I can’t find/open my locker. Gah! I hate it. Pancakes or waffles? Oh gosh, too difficult! Pancakes…unless it’s belgian waffles. Those are yum.



  2. School dreams are the worst. I have had a few where I don’t know what class Im and then they tell me Im failing because I haven’t been to class all year. UGH! As far as eating strange things, there isn’t anything I wouldn’t try once. I had snails and just about every edible animal out of the ocean. I grew up on a pacific island. I have also eaten Ostrich, which is probably why every time I see one, it tries to kill me. Seriously. I have been chased and pecked at on 3 different occasions. LOL I miss blogs like this. Real life stuff.


  3. I love posts like this! It is great to know more about you! To answer your questions I choose pancakes over waffles and I take my coffee with cream, no sugar. All time favorite show is Friends. And I read blogs to meet and connect with other people! I agree with you – Tom Selleck on Friends was quite swoon worthy! Until he threatened to take Monica away from Chandler in the later seasons!


  4. Moments of embarrassment you say? I am in!
    When I was in 5th grade all of the girls had begun wearing training bras. I didn’t even have a resemblance of breasts and, although I begged my mother, she refused to buy me bras. The boys would run behind all the girls and snap their bras really hard but whenever someone tried to snap me there was nothing to grab. It was the first time I had ever been made fun of and it felt terrible. I went home, cut up a fitted sheet for the elastic, sewed it into a solid line and wore it everyday after that. No one ever knew the difference and I became a girl who had a bra.
    I can only imagine how many feminists I just killed telling that story.


  5. I just want to say that I”m so very glad to be here today and I hope that you return to blogging on a more frequent basis because 1) you’re so very good at writing and 2) I absolutely love your quirky sense of humor and I feel like we’d have a lot in common (love of Tom Selleck is a bit weird to me, but you know I did have a lifetime crush on Johnny Carson as a kid, so there’s that).

    OMG, you asked your math teacher how long his thingy was. I die. LOLOLOLOL!!!

    Also this: “When I find a doctor or a dentist that utilize online scheduling software, I hear the Mormon Tabernacle Choir singing Handel’s Messiah.” YAS! I feel the same. Though sometimes I’m like, “God, can’t I just get someone on the friggin phone already?!” it’s like I want my cake and to eat it too or something.

    Anyway, hope you have a great week and loved learning more about you, your family, and your hubs 🙂


  6. Waffle person for sure!! It is so satisfying to fill every square with syrup and keep it contained, at least temporarily. And the texture is so much better.


    1. Oh and Claire Danes would totally be a great fit to play you!

      Plus I hate to say it, but Peter is my #3 behind Michael and Jack. Love those movies, though! And I liked Magnum PI.


  7. Oh my goodness, I love this post and getting to know you better!

    1) Tom Selleck is A-mazing and seriously underrated. I may or may not watch Blue Bloods specifically for him.
    2) I feel the absolute same way about doing anything over the phone. I avoid it like the plague!

    I’m looking forward to reading more from you because you seriously made me laugh this entire post!


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