Sometimes You Get What You Want. But Only Sometimes.

Now that I am in my mid-thirties I find myself obsessively checking the Facebook feeds of Jay’s Wintery Mix, Doug Kammerer, and Capital Weather Gang when there is the threat of severe weather. I may not watch The Weather Channel but I’ve become my mother – at least in regards to storm tracking and my preference of drinking wine out of a coffee mug. The models yesterday were tracking for the national capital region to get at least 8 -12 inches of snow. The infamous DC snow-hole made her presence known this winter so despite the record-low temperatures, it’s been a mild winter snow-wise. Therefore, this forecasted early spring snowstorm had snow-lovers like me keeping their fingers-crossed for a boom scenario.

Clay is home in-between trips so his buzzing phones woke us in the early morning hours. As he listened to an automated message about the federal operating status, I bolted out of bed and excitedly peeked out the window. And saw absolutely no accumulation – womp womp. As I dejectedly climbed back into bed, I thought to myself how this year’s winter was an analogy for a lot of military-related experiences.

You see – no matter how much I try and remain nonchalant about the potential for snow, or an early return from a deployment or TDY, or a choice assignment, I inevitably and eagerly get my hopes up. Without fail. I know I shouldn’t. But I do because that is just who I am. And then I more than likely end up disappointed because hardly anything in life goes according to plan, which is why I believe detailed plans are for the birds (boy is that a whole other post). Eventually I come to terms with the letdown and even find little silver threads that ultimately transform themselves into linings. If I’m lucky – I get a lesson or two out of the experience. And the cycle repeats itself.


Mick Jagger and Keith Richards have been telling us for years that we can’t always get what we want. Which is probably why when we do get what we want, it tastes that much sweeter. And wouldn’t you know – soon after my disappointing glance out the window the skies opened and it began to snow. And it snowed all day.


It was a good day.

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4 thoughts on “Sometimes You Get What You Want. But Only Sometimes.

  1. I love this post so much. I know that feeling–I think it’s only human nature that we get our hopes up and then feel dejected in an endless cycle. I’m learning to let things go and just let come what may, but it’s so hard! I WANT to get excited for epic BOOM snowfalls, because sometimes the fun really lies in the anticipation.

    I feel that way now about home buying (simply because we are in the thick of things). I’m not as excited about the process as I once was, and maybe for good reason. Last night we were outbid on that house we put an offer on, and I kind of felt ‘Okay. That was meant to happen that way.’ I guess it sets me up to avoid some of the disappointment.

    Anyway, always love to read your delicious words, and so glad you got to enjoy a snow day with your little bunnies outside ❤ XOXO and also I totes do the same thing with a local meteorologist on Facebook–he's the only guy I trust!


    1. It’s so tough when something doesn’t go the way you want it to – I also very much have the attitude of, “If it’s meant to be, it’s meant to be.” I hope you find your home soon! ❤


  2. I need to send all my snow to you! We ended up with somewhere between 13 and 18 inches. There were over 60 cars that ran off the interstate between last night and today (we drove down to pick up a friend from the airport.) I think I enjoy snow more when I can stay home and enjoy it!!!


    1. Please do! That is horrible about all the cars on the interstate though. When we were stationed at Fort Drum, I was always sick of snow by the time of year.


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