A Handful of Various Thoughts

I have a bunch of half-formed ideas for blog posts floating around my head so now seems as good of a time as ever to type them out. Some of them may end up being expanded upon in the future, and others will forever exists solely within the confines of this post. Such is the lifespan of thoughts.


Half-Assery. I struggle with balance. And I’m not just talking about clumsiness in general. Not only do I fall down staircases (e.g. my wedding reception), trip over my flip-flops as I’m wearing them, and have difficulty walking in a straight line while sober, I also have difficultly balancing all of my obligations – both professional and personal – and a lot of the time end the day feeling like I’ve half-assed everything. It’s not a great feeling. When he’s home, my husband assures me that I’m not full of half-assery – but I struggle to believe him sometimes. I really don’t want my memoir to be titled If Only She Maximized Her Potential so I’m making an effort to really determine where I want to funnel my focus as I continue to barrel toward middle-age.


New snack discovery. Those who know me best, know that I love all things vinegar. I recently discovered these and they’re my new favorite snack. They still have a kick but they’re not so spicy that I can’t eat multiple in a row. Tamed pickled jalapeño peppers are where it’s at!


Stories. I scoffed at Snapchat when it first arrived on the scene. And when Instagram came out with Instagram Stories, I failed to see it’s appeal. But similar to how I discovered as a young adult that I actually like peas – once I started using Instagram Stories, I became hooked. It’s the perfect place to say something without having it clutter up the regular Instagram feed.


Oh, Violet. She is a pistol and she is really giving us a run for our money lately. One morning, I couldn’t find her when it was time to leave for school. Weston and I found her just chillin’ in the tree in the front yard. Yesterday, she asked me for duct tape. When I asked her why she needed it, she responded that she wanted to climb the side of the house and her hands weren’t sticky enough.

Blog, blog, blog, blog. When I talk about this blog in real life, I want to fall into a secret lair via a trap door. Why? In 2000, our senior class held a mock presidential election that ran for a couple of weeks, complete with traditional campaign activities, third-party candidates, and a debate. I managed to secure the role of campaign manager for one of the big two candidates. I had no desire to be the face of the party but I relished in the role of behind-the-scenes mastermind. And that sums up how I feel about this blog. I realize that this analogy probably doesn’t make sense to anyone but me. Welcome to my head.


Capsule wardrobe. I’ve been intrigued by this concept for years but my previous attempts to build a capsule wardrobe have been half-assed at best (see above). I am attempting to build a capsule wardrobe for spring and summer and really stick to it. I typically end up wearing the same ten outfits anyway – might as well make it easier to find these outfits in my closet.


And finally – I want to go here.

3 thoughts on “A Handful of Various Thoughts

  1. Ahaha totally feel you on the half-assery..! And Instagram Stories… Though I’m falling out of love with IG so today I finally checked it after a week.


  2. I totally get your comment about talking about your blog in real life. I don’t mention it around people unless they’re also bloggers… I also don’t invite people to read my blog (although I feel so comfortable in my blogging community). Weird, eh?


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