A Room Interrupted – Adventures in Rearranging Furniture

As a child, I would rearrange my room at least once or twice a year – for no reason other than I wanted change. I’d swap out my poster of a wolf howling at a moon over a waterfall for a poster of the 1992 Dream Team and I’d curate my collection of Milk campaign advertisement carefully taped inside of my closet. My original Macintosh 128K would always remain the focal point of my desk – where else would I play Stunt Copter and Brickles Plus? But almost everything else would change – at least a little bit. My desire for change in my personal space didn’t cease when I went away college or settled into married life. My dorm rooms and apartments never looked the same for long – I would grow bored waking up day after day in the same space.

Yesterday was no different.

Last month, I wrote about living in 10 homes has taught us about how we want to live. The newest place we call home is about a couple of miles from the infamous Mixing Bowl and was built in 1966, which means looks about the same as 97% of the homes built during that time period in northern Virginia. It’s always a fun puzzle to make our furniture work every time we move. We usually sell or donate a piece or two and purchase some new items to make our newest house feel like a home, but for the most part, we channel our inner-Tim Gunn and make it work.


This is how our living room looked as of yesterday morning. It serves as a living, home office, and pathway to our {very small} dining room. And you know what? The office area? Not great. Now that I am working from home more, I craved a designated office area that was out of sight when relaxing at night. I felt like my desk was taunting me whenever I sat on the couch enjoying a glass of wine.


I totally forgot to snap a picture of what it looked like prior to my rearranging manic episode so this picture of the kids doing crafts on top of a plastic table cloth last fall will have to do. When my dear friend Jackie toured this place for us as I watched via FaceTime, one of her first comments was “I don’t think your dining table will fit in here.” She wasn’t wrong. But we made it work for the most part. Sure, it was almost impossible to shimmy around the table and if you scooted out a chair with vigor, you’d risk slamming it into our liquor cabinet or the china hutch. Either way – alcohol or the glasses in which we enjoy it in were constantly at risk anytime we used the room.


And because every six months or so, I get the itch to MOVE ALL THE FURNITURE!, I got a bee in my bonnet about switching the office and dining room. I felt like using each space for their intended purpose wasn’t maximizing our furniture so we ended up using each space less – especially the dining room. So yesterday when Violet was at preschool, I got to moving furniture. I also posted about it on Instagram Stories. Because if it isn’t talked about on social media, does it really happen?



I moved the incredibly heavy china hutch all the way into the living room area before I discovered that there was no room for both the table and the hutch. So I moved it back into the office and told myself that having highball glasses in a home office is totally acceptable. I then learned the same lesson with our liquor cabinet. At least there is something to put into the highball glasses now. I took down all the artwork, moved around other pieces of furniture and finally settled on a new layout. Is it perfect? Nope. I’ll let you in on a little secret – nothing ever is when you move as much as we do. However – the fact that I like the layout better than before is a good enough reason for me to keep it this way.


There is now plenty of space to maneuver around the dining room table. We can play games, we can do crafts, and we can even eat on it. Imagine that! You may notice that there are only five chairs. That is because one of the legs of the sixth chair got destroyed from our move to Texas. And we haven’t gotten around to fixing it yet because – well, life.


View from the landing on the stairs. I switched out the artwork above the couch – the print was previously in the ‘office’. It is smidgen too high for my liking but our four-year-old daughter likes to play America Ninja Warrior when we’re not looking so I figure the beloved print is safer up high.


The new office area. Having a low-ish hanging chandelier in the middle of the room is the only womp womp in this space. I’ve grazed it a couple of times so I’ll have to figure something out in order to prevent concussions down the line.


View from the kitchen.


I feel like there is a lesson in rearranging furniture. As noted in my Instagram Stories, I tend to move furniture when I feel like I don’t have much control over other aspects of my life. The Army lately has caused some disruption to our lives so it felt good to rearrange tangible items in our home. Yes – I wanted to try and figure out how to best maximize the space. But part of me has to wonder if I rearranged furniture yesterday for no other reason than because I could.

And you know what? I am okay with that.

One thought on “A Room Interrupted – Adventures in Rearranging Furniture

  1. Ahaha I feel the same way, though often times moving the furniture around is not an option because of built-in furniture that I don’t love but hey, it’s just a rental…! I like the new layout and hurrah for being able to walk around the dining room table!!


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