We’re Back.

After four flights, one ride through the English Channel on the Eurostar, one rental car in the English countryside, countless rides on the Tube and the Metro, a couple of Ubers, and taxi rides in London and Paris, we’re back from what just may be our favorite family vacation yet. A huge thank you to Allyson and Sheena – I consider them among my most witty friends so I am thrilled they agreed share some of their words on this little space of mine.


I plan to go into detail about our trip and share highlights and lowlights in a handful of separate posts. But I feel compelled to share the general feeling of uneasiness I felt when I woke up the morning of our trip. In fact, when we began our journey with an Uber to Raegan National airport, Clay and I admitted to each other that we were a little nervous about the adventure ahead – after all, it was our first international trip with our children. Don’t get me wrong – we were also ridiculously excited. But like most worthwhile experiences in life, we reasoned that it’s always best to have at least a little bit of fear involved.


However, our fears were soon alleviated once we boarded our first flight to Chicago. And other than being on top of the Eiffel Tower with a little blonde-haired girl who isn’t bothered by heights in the slightest, the fear was non-existent during our seven days aboard. Due to the success of traveling with our little ones, we’re already planning our next grand adventure outside of the States. Was it always easy? No. Was there whining? Sometimes. Did we bond over shared experiences and inside jokes? Yes. Did they prove themselves worthy international travel companions? 100% yes.


We gave ourselves grace and didn’t try and pack our days too full. We didn’t view our vacation as a once-in-a-lifetime trip, we have no doubt that we will return to England and France many times before we bid adieu to this world. That being said, we still accomplished quite a bit. We went to bed exhausted and woke up the following morning excited to take on the day. And we also learned a few things too…


Baby girl found airplane food to be absolutely amazing.


The little guy discovered that he isn’t a fan of a traditional English breakfast.


This one couldn’t have been less impressed by Stonehenge.


Our little architecture expert loved The Shard in person.


This one was super excited to turn five in Paris.


And in Paris, this one insisted on using gel in his hair.


But most of all, Clay and I were reminded just how much fun we have together – as a twosome and with our children. Ernest Hemingway famously told us to never go on trips with anyone you do not love. The man isn’t wrong. There is no one else I’d rather be on this crazy ride with and this trip just exemplified this fact. So while it wasn’t easy, it was 100% worth it.

4 thoughts on “We’re Back.

  1. So so so looking forward to your recap posts. We are traveling abroad with the kids in September, so I’ve been really into following your trip. How incredibly exciting that your daughter turned five in Paris. What a memory! Also, what sunglasses are y’all wearing? I love them!


    1. They’re both from Target! We don’t buy expensive sunglasses because we tend to lose them. We’re both on a mirrored sunglasses kick right now. 🙂 And week – how fun that your traveling abroad this summer. Are you visiting your sister?


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