An Unremarkable Remarkable Weekend

We had one of those increasingly rare unicorn weekends with absolutely no obligations – sports, social, and otherwise. There was nothing remarkable about our weekend. We didn’t travel anywhere new. We didn’t eat world-class cuisine. And I’m sure some will argue that nothing about our weekend is blog worthy. But perhaps the simplicity and everyday-ness of our weekend is what makes it worth documenting. Clay flew home on Thursday evening and only had to work half of the day on Friday so we met him at the Pentagon. The kids have been wanting to see where he works when he is in town and the timing finally worked out for them to receive a personal tour of the world’s largest office building.


The little guy is very interested in military history and is well-versed on most Department of Defense matters. He loved walking up and down the corridors and seeing the various artifacts on display. Baby girl was most interested in the contents of Clay’s desk and spinning around in his fancy chair. Nonetheless, it was nice to finally show the kids around the the infamous building (check out 9 Amazing Facts About The Pentagon and History Channel’s Facts & Summary to learn more about the five-sided 6.24-million-square-foot concrete structure).


Afterwards, we metro-ed down to Fashion Centre at Pentagon City and grabbed a bite to eat at Matchbox. The kids were begging to go to Shake Shake but Clay and I weren’t really feeling burgers. We’ve had great meals at the Capitol Hill Matchbox location so we were disappointed by our eh experience on Friday afternoon. It wasn’t bad but it wasn’t necessarily great. Perhaps the kids were on to something?


On Saturday morning, the kids still couldn’t shake their craving for Shake Shack and asked to go there for lunch. We negotiated with our little terrorists adorable children and  told them that we can go to Shake Shack for lunch but it would have to be at the location in Nats Park. We quickly purchased tickets, put on our best Nats gear, and headed downtown.


Unfortunately the Nats lost but we still had a great time enjoying America’s favorite pastime on one of the first gorgeous days we’ve had in awhile (i.e. it wasn’t raining). As we were walking from Fort McNair to the ballpark, we commented on how happy we were to finally experience a weekend with no plans other than to just see where the day took us.


Violet had been wanting to remove the training wheels from her bike so on Saturday evening, my amazingly patient husband successfully taught another child how to ride a bike sans training wheels. We walked down to their school and practiced our mad bike skills in the empty parking lot. We then looked at all of the painted rocks that decorate the school grounds before taking a short cut through the woods back to our house. Little neighborhood elementary schools are just one of my favorite things about being stationed here.


After church on Sunday morning, we ventured over to Old Town Alexandria, which is one of my favorite neighborhoods in the area. We ate an early lunch at Haute Dogs & Fries, which was everything I hoped it’d be and more. The Chicago-style hot dog was on point and I now know where to go when I get a craving for one.


It was painfully obvious that Weston had outgrown his 16-inch bike so we ventured over to Dick’s Sporting Goods to take advantage of a sale they had for their 20-inch mountain bikes. After having the mechanic give his chosen bike the thumbs up, we loaded it up to head home.


But not before stopping by Target for some accessories for Violet’s ‘new’ bike. She is now the proud owner of Weston’s old 16-inch bike. We are going to paint it this week (she wants blue), get a new seat, and perhaps add some sparkle – stay tuned for the final reveal.


A Sunday evening family bike ride was the perfect cap to a remarkably unremarkable weekend. We said goodbye to Clay this morning for the week so having an unremarkable weekend together as a family was exactly what we needed after the past few weeks (see Walking on Broken Glass). Confucious told us that everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it. Sometimes I feel like if I am not doing something momentous, then it isn’t worth experiencing. But as I grow, I’m learning that these seemingly small moments can be just as meaningful and even more impactful as the so-called bigger moments in life. These everyday moments have beauty. I just have to remember to see it.

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