Things I Have Learned This Week

It’s Friday! Yes – social media will likely be inundated with ‘FriYAY’ hashtags (…sigh…) but that can’t spoil my good mood because Clay and I are going on a day date courtesy of school being in session, him getting a four-day Labor Day weekend, and him being home this week. The stars have aligned – hallelujah! It also appears that the weather will cooperate with our plans to spend the majority of the day outdoors so life is pretty darn on this gorgeous Friday morning.

We’re settling into our new routine – with school, soccer, and scouts. The slow days of summer are behind us and we are moving at the more frantic pace that fall seems to bring. Clay’s travel schedule is about to pick up again so we’ve been squeezing in family moments when we can. Last night, as the kids were finishing off the bowls of ice cream, we asked them to name a few things that they have learned this week. We always try to incorporate reflection into our daily routine so I thought I’d use this space to reflect on a handful of things that I have learned this week.


Such as – I have learned that the first week of kindergarten did not make Violet tired in the slightest. In fact, attending a full-day’s worth of school only seems to energize her even more so. How can she not be exhausted?!?

American flag cake

I have learned that American Flag cakes are difficult to consume without feeling like you’re participating in a heavy-handed analogy about the current state of affairs in our country.


I have learned that when you come across a house for sale while on a walk in your neighborhood, even if it appears empty, there will likely be a person staring back at you when you walk up the living room window and peer inside.

Trader Joe's Rice Orzo Pilaf Mix

I have learned that adding chicken stock instead of water to Trader Joe’s Rice Orzo Pilaf Mix makes the most moist and luscious rice pilaf around.


I learned that going for a bike ride in the middle of the day at the end of August isn’t the best idea. Also – I am pretty out of shape when it comes to riding my bike. I even had to do the walk of shame up a few not-so-high hills.


And finally, this week I learned that soccer is indeed my favorite youth sport as a parent. The season started back up and it just feels less stressful and easier to incorporate into our schedule than baseball did this past spring.

Have a great Friday!

2 thoughts on “Things I Have Learned This Week

  1. This is such a random thing – but is that cake from Costco? Because it looks exactly like the one we got Dane for his promotion ceremony, LOL! It was freaking delicious! I hope you guys have the best day date! 🙂


    1. Ha! It may have been – it was for a Cub Scouts party. It was tasty. I’m on the hunt for a promotion cake as well but I have plenty of time to look around (and taste around!).


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