A Lease to Decorate

Over eight years ago, we found ourselves in Lawton, Oklahoma. During our brief 18-month tenure in the Sooner State, we called three separate places home – an apartment, a rental house, and the home we bought a handful of months before receiving surprise orders. Oops (read about how we became accidental landlords). It was during 6 months or so we lived in the rental house that I created a blog called A Lease to Decorate. I chronicled my attempt to turn a rental house into our home and shared the struggles that often accompany such a task. Such as – white walls (or worse – walls with color that doesn’t match your design aesthetic), layouts that don’t accommodate your furniture, and the list goes on. After a feature on Apartment Therapy and some other fun exposure, the blog fizzled quickly once we purchased a house. I wrote one post when we moved into our rental townhome last time we were stationed here but I ultimately decided to tell A Lease to Decorate that I was heading out to the grocery store – only to never return.

a lease to decorate

Not that I’ve stopped sharing about home-related topics all together. One of my most popular posts from the old And Then We Laughed is the tour of our on-post Infantry Barracks ‘apartment’ we lived in during our 11 months at Fort Leavenworth. And earlier this year I wrote about What Living in 10 Homes Has Taught Us About How We Want to Live. While I don’t claim to be an interior designer nor a particularly skilled decorator, I do enjoy decorating each and every one of our houses and appreciate the challenge of doing so without breaking the bank and not sacrificing comfort and that warm feeling of being home.

military family house

I am not a design or decor blogger but I do hope to highlight the somewhat unique struggles many military face when trying to turn a rental house into a home. We’re rarely in a place longer than a few years and we often do not have the luxury of taking our time to find the perfect home. In my last post, I wrote about how our time here will end up being longer than we originally planned. In the past few weeks, we’ve started to make changes to our rental home in order to make it work for us better because we no longer have the attitude of eh – it’ll work for a year. Therefore, on this blog, I hope to chronicle our adventures of decorating this 1966 northern Virginia house and making it meet the needs for our family – after all, it will be our home for the next couple of years.

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