Five Things On My Mind {Other Than the Current State of the Country}


  1. I am itching to put up Christmas decorations – it will happen in November because life is too short to only enjoy Christmas decorations for less than 30 days. I think it will happen next week. Is it too soon? Who cares! Besides, psychological studies have found that people who put up Christmas decorations early are happier. I am currently working on a Dollar Tree Christmas post because who doesn’t love decorating on a budget?
  2. I am about 15 pounds heavier than the weight I feel my best. I’m sure some of the weight gain is hormones (hello mid-30s!) and some of it is due to lazy eating habits. I’m debating whether chronicling my failures and successes in my quest to feel better on this blog. Like – what exactly does it mean to be keto? I have so many health-conscious friends that it’d be fun to interview them and discuss their journey and what works best for them. I need to do something though – I feel like my skin and muscles are screaming for help! Or carbs.
  3. Now that we are likely staying here until 2020, I’ve been nesting and really trying to make this rental house more efficient for our lifestyle and embrace the idea of a true hygge home, despite the lack of a fireplace (sigh…). Again – I am not sure if I want to blog about this process or not. I really enjoyed writing my rent-friendly design posts way back when (any longtime readers remember?) but it fell to the wayside when we purchased our second home in Oklahoma. Seeing as how we are accidental landlords with no desire to purchase another home anytime soon, it may be fun to dive back into the world of ‘how to turn a rental house into a home‘.
  4. I have an idea for a children’s book that a simple Google search tells me doesn’t currently exist in the market. I think I am going to write it! Worse case scenario – I have a book that I can give to family and friends.
  5. I am currently working on a piece about all of the school-related problems military families face on a daily basis. While the topic has been discussed many times, I feel like a comprehensive view is lacking on the topic – most articles just scratch the surface or only cover one particular issue. I’ve been gathering information and I am ready to work on a draft this week. I hope I am able to give the topic the justice it deserves.


3 thoughts on “Five Things On My Mind {Other Than the Current State of the Country}

  1. As someone who always listens to Christmas carols before Halloween, if you want to be happy during the Holiday season decorate as soon as you feel you want. When my children were home, I always made a big (and I mean BIG) deal about decorating early. It put me in a great mood, and I was always able to get baking and making done on time. Now it seems I’m always putting things off thinking there is plenty of time…which there isn’t. Go for it!

    On a side note, we leave this morning for our annual holiday trip. We’re not heading to Florida this year, but taking a leisurely tour across the Southwest to arrive in St Louis before Thanksgiving. That my hygge, taking off with my husband and dog traveling in our Airstream. Life is simple, life is sweet. You just leave your cares behind and enjoy the simple life!

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  2. Karen, sounds like you have some great posts planned. I can’t wait to read them all. I personally have only moved a couple of times in my life but that doesn’t mean a girl doesn’t dream or doesn’t want to be prepared if the opportunities to move presents itself! 🙂


  3. Karen you are beautiful just the way you are. Even though I am much older than you I look up to you. You always have great ideas for decorating and great ideas about life in general. I always wanted a fireplace too. The home we purchased last year did not come with one. From the moment we walked in here I knew it was to be my home. We looked at other models but this one was waiting to be purchased. It wanted to be a home for someone. Your home is what you make it to be. It will always be a place your children will always remember because they are old enough now. So bring the Christmas into your home when ever you are ready. Life is short and enjoy these special times with your family. Your children will drive past this home one day when they are grown up and say this was my home once. It won’t matter to them if it was rented or you owned it
    . A place where they felt warm and loved and created special memories with their family.


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