Why You Should Have a Charcuterie Display at Your Next Party

Not only do I love to attend parties but I absolutely adore entertaining too. I enjoy cultivating a guest list from various social groups and seeing how many people we can squeeze into our house. I like putting together food and drink menus and coming up with the perfect dish. So when we found out that Clay would be frocked earlier this month, we knew we wanted to throw a party in some capacity. After briefly considering a third-party site like a restaurant or brewery, we quickly decided that our house would be the best place to host the festivities due to the short-notice and timing of the ceremony.

We looked into having Wegman’s catering the party (we’ve used them before with great success) but when we determined that we wanted a giant charcuterie display as the pièce de résistance, we figured it would be easy to do ourselves. And guys? Not only was it an amazing display that everyone loved and found to be delicious – it was super easy to prep and required very little attention the day of the party. Even though we had a lot of hands on deck with out of town guests, we didn’t have much time in between rushing home from the Pentagon in Friday night traffic and the party starting at 7pm so being able to do most of the work beforehand was clutch.

I bought four large cutting boards that are easy to store when not in use and can easily be used for future parties. The meats and cheeses were sourced from Costco, Trader Joe’s, and Aldi. I printed out the names of the cheeses on card stock and hot-glued them on toothpicks. The night before the party, I arranged everything on the cutting boards and wrapped heavily with plastic wrap and put them in the basement refrigerator. The night of the party, I unwrapped the boards and arranged them on the kitchen table. I added dried apricots, dates, gherkins, blackberries, strawberries, and olives for contrast and color. Seriously guys – so easy.

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