This Weekend – An Ode to Moxifloxacin

It’s Monday. A new week. A new dawn. But I not necessarily feeling good, like Ms. Simone. I’m feeling just okay. Why? Well – I spent a good chunk of my Saturday morning in an urgent care waiting room with a nasty bout of pink-eye…in both eyes. Yes, both.

February just isn’t my month. Because I was basically quarantined from the rest of my family, I spent a lot of time alone reflecting feeling sorry for myself. I’ve been in a funk lately and my past few weeks of sickness and all around not great luck has pretty been messing with usually positive attitude. Although truth be told, life has been chipping away at my positive attitude for the past couple of years.

The nurse practitioner at urgent care prescribed moxifloxacin for my condition. I rocked my best Corey Hart impression in Walgreens as I waited for the pharmacist to call my name and scrolled through social media. Through the magic of technology, I witnessed friends living their best lives at exotic locations around the world. I looked at people I’ve never met in person as they documented their active Saturday mornings. I was looking down at my leggings and old sweatshirt when I heard my name.

Once home I eagerly put in my first round of eye drops and set up shop in the guest bedroom. When our children had pink-eye a few years ago, the prescribed antibiotic took effect almost immediately so I figured that after resting for a few hours, I’d pop up with improved eyes and ready to take on the rest of the weekend.

Yeah – that wasn’t the case.

When I emerged from the dark cocoon of the guest room, my eyes looked even worse – Clay recoiled when he saw me (in the most loving way possible, of course). We wondered if I was having an allergic reaction to moxifloxacin and I realized just how crucial non-swollen and white eyes are to my overall look. I spent the rest of the evening alternating my eyes with a warm compress and popping ibuprofen – it was quite the Saturday night.

Thankfully when I woke up yesterday morning, my eyes had improved slightly and they were no longer swollen. While my eyes resembled the color of pink sherbet, I no longer looked like I was carrying the plague and my reading glasses helped camouflage the illness. By the afternoon, I was no longer contagious due to being on antibiotics for 24 hours and I was feeling good enough to re-enter the world.

This morning my eyes are still red but improving, which means that the moxifloxacin is working. I was looking for a super quick fix so I could return to normal but unfortunately, the medicine needs time to do its job. It’s not unlike life in general – quick fixes don’t really work in personal development. Sure – the internet is home to thousands of websites promoting life hacks intended to make our lives that much easier, but when it comes to actual change, we have to put in the work.

I mentioned that I’ve been a bit down lately – I’m not denying this fact. I do think I’ve been wallowing too much in self-pity. I’m not quite to the point of singing Linda Ronstadt’s Poor Poor Pitiful Me, but I’m looking forward to slapping Nicholas Cage and saying “Snap out of it!”

So here’s to Mondays, clear eyes, and a new attitude. And moxifloxacin.

2 thoughts on “This Weekend – An Ode to Moxifloxacin

  1. Girl, hugss… I’m sorry to hear you’re down and that Feb has been quite shitty. It’s been shitty on my end as well. Post holiday cold and then food poisoning less then a week later. And oh, the job is pretty shite as well. Sigh. Life is totally chipping away at me too. I need to start working out again on a regular basis. Take care of yourself! x


  2. On the bright side, at least the pink eye popped its ugly head on the weekend and not during a super important celebration (like a promotion!)


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