Where to go from here?

A quick glance at this space and it’s evident that I’m at a bit of a crossroads when it comes to this space. I let my ‘business’ plan lapse because I’m attempting to get back to the bones of writing, which explains the temporarily janky layout. I’ve been growing increasingly disillusioned with social media, the lack of authenticity, and the alarming number of booty pops on Instagram. Coupled with my new job, baseball season, and volunteer commitments – I’ve not only struggling to find the time to write but what exactly to write about.

According to blogging experts on podcasts, I am doing everything wrong. I am not monetizing, I am not seeking out collaborations, and my blog currently does not have a defined purpose. I do not have a writing schedule, I don’t attend blogging conferences, and I refuse to refer to myself as a blogger.

Hello. I am Karen. And I happen to blog. Occasionally.

At one point, I envisioned this space as a lifestyle blog, which is quite humorous because gallivanting around town or constantly curating scenes in attempt to capture the perfect shot isn’t exactly how I want to spend my time. While I consider myself a pretty good cook – I am not great at sharing recipes. Apparently people want more than “Eh – just throw a handful of that in the pot and if you have this on hand, add that too. If not – no big deal.” My outfits are not enviable nor am I particularly photogenic so for the sake of humanity, I shy away from most fashion-related posts. I don’t like to write about my kids in great detail so I am not onboard the mommy blogger train. I am not an influencer nor do I desire to be one. I love to travel but our budget only allows for one or two big trips each year so it seems silly to jump in the travel blogger pond during this season of my life. And yes – my husband is in the Army but I don’t want my role as a military spouse to define this space because it is only one of the many pieces that makes me whole.

I’m not going to stop writing. But I am going to stop worrying about whether I am doing it right or not. So if you’re interested in following a woman in her mid-thirties attempting to chase her purpose, please do so. And if not – no hard feelings. It’s all cool.

4 thoughts on “Where to go from here?

  1. Fellow traveling army wife, long time blogger/writer here. I’ve thought through all of this time and again. Likes, follows, platforms. I keep coming back to the same conclusion: So much of it is all fake! So much of it is click bait ONLY. Add to that all the fake accounts, fake follows, even fake comments. Yet, much of their content is just… bad. You’re a writer because you write (by the way, you are very good!) All the conferences and self promotion and monetizing and networking can be a distraction from your product: your words, your authenticity. Thank you for not making me click away from self promotion freebie pop-ups to read your content… Keep writing, keep sharing. And keep your eye on your most prized audience: fam and real friends. ✨❤️✨


  2. The genuineness of your blogs is what keeps me reading. I’ve stopped reading so many blogs that I read for years since I feel like they are now all “swipe up” and #ad for every single blog! I appreciate what your doing!


  3. Bravo. So much of today’s blogging world is about followers and ads and monetizing. I am so over it. I’ve been blogging for over 15 years and I don’t intend to stop anytime soon… I just keep doing my own thing and I am happy to see you will too 🙂


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