Let Me Clear My Throat

Taps microphone.

In 1996, DJ Kool gave us the jam, “Let Me Clear My Throat.” Professional sports haven’t been the same since and it’s impossible for me to sit down to write without thinking of the title lyric, which is uttered throughout the song. Thank you, DJ Kool for sponsoring this long-overdue post.

An alternative title of this post could be Reasons Why I Haven’t Blogged in 30+ Days. Shortly after my last post detailing our time in Munich this summer, I started a new position at the district office for our school system. Over the years, I’ve written a lot about my desire to find the right balance between my professional goals, Clay’s professional goals, and what we want our family life to look like – all while living within the constraints that the Army puts upon us. I currently work 20 hours/week and only go to the office during the hours my kids are in school and I feel like that is the perfect amount of time. I’m still able to be heavily involved in our kids’ school, be a Girl Scout Leader, shuttle the kids to sports, music lessons, and other activities throughout the week, but I also have a place to go that values my input and allows me to actually use some things that I learned in graduate school. Unfortunately, I’m still figuring out the best way to organize my time so as a result, the majority of the writing I’ve been doing hasn’t made its way to this space.

I still have yet to write about our trip to Busch Gardens and Colonial Williamsburg earlier this summer and my recaps about our time in Salzburg and Garmish-NAME are sitting in the draft folder. We had a little getaway to Shenandoah National Park (we saw two bears!) and Charlottesville, Virginia. We also went to Ocean Isle Beach, North Carolina this summer – but I never wrote about it. I haven’t talked about how difficult I’m finding it to lose the ten pounds I’ve put on over the last two years. I wrote a post about my insecurities surrounding my skin but never published it. I don’t write about how terrified I am that I am failing at something/anything at any given moment. And I haven’t mentioned a word about how our (rental) home is seemingly falling apart around us.

It’s not that I have a shortage of things to write about. I could write about how we went camping this past weekend and ended up spending the night next to the snake who lived in the tree beside our campsite. I could write about the one lady who glares at me whenever I see her on the playground. I could write about how I’m not really crazy about the list of places the Army could send us next. And I could write about the plans I have for And Then We Laughed.

I spent last year throwing a bunch of ideas and experiences at the proverbial wall – just to see what would stick. I tried a couple of different things in the professional realm and I experimented with a few things in this space. Perhaps that most important lessons I learned were that the type of blogger I want to be doesn’t really have a label yet and teaching elementary school isn’t for me. I also learned that there are certain things that I am not willing to give up – even if it means making professional sacrifices. Example? Walking my children to school. Sorry, not sorry.

Shenandoah National Park

I had someone recently ask me what I was truly passionate about. Like really truly deeply within my bones passionate about. I’ve been giving it some thought – admittedly, probably not as much as I should. Expect some positive changes in this space in the coming weeks. I’m slowly getting my groove back and man, does it ever feel good.

4 thoughts on “Let Me Clear My Throat

  1. I can relate to much of this! I just started working 20 hours a week as well, for the first time in 12(!) years. While it feels like the right decision, I haven’t really figured out yet how to manage my time to accomplish all that I need and want to get done. Best of luck to us both as we navigate these new waters!


  2. I’ve been checking your blog (daily, maybe?) to see if you’ve written an update so this makes me so happy. I’m so happy you’ve found part-time work. I think thats the ideal way to ease back into full time. I’m quite jealous! I want to work so badly it hurts ;( And while I think you look perfectly fine, I was in the same position over the summer. Every time I weighed myself, it was another pound. Then another and another. I was exercising every day and eating pretty healthy and I was so close to heading to the doctor to get my thyroid checked. Then, I researched intermittent fasting. I only eat from 12pm-8pm, so I’m fasting for 16 hours (can still have black coffee). The first week was a little rough, but now I have to force myself to eat around 12pm, even after my morning runs. I’m just not as hungry. I don’t really watch what I eat during those 8 hours either, and you know what? I’ve lost weight and feel really great. I love it and definitely consider this a lifestyle change instead of a quick fix/diet. Its what works for my body, when nothing else did. Because like you, I don’t consider myself overweight, its just those few pounds that i wanted to shed and feel more confident in my skin. I sure do sound like an infomercial, ha.


    1. I can always count on you to bring a smile to my face. I’ve toyed with the idea of intermittent fasting. Of all of the lifestyle ‘fads’, that one seems to be one that would most agree with me and the way that I want to live my life. I think a lot of it is that what worked for me at 30 is no longer working for me at 36. I’m living in a Judy Blume novel – “Dear God, It’s Me Karen. What is Happening to My Body?” In all seriousness, I recently went to the doctor and she calmed a lot of my fears and assured me that what I’m experiencing is all part of the aging process. Lovely. Ha.


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