Monday, Monday, Monday

It’s Monday! We’re back to every day life after spending a week at Walt Disney World. Those of you who followed along on Instagram and/or Facebook saw that we had a great week but we’re happy to be home. I look forward to writing about our Walt Disney World experience in more detail – we learned a lot on our trip. I’m sure we will visit again in the future but our trip did confirm our suspicions…we’re not ‘visit Walt Disney World every year’ people.

In other news, Punxsutawney Phil did not cast a shadow yesterday, which means an early spring, if we’re to believe the large rodent. Believe it or not, I am missing the colder weather this season – it has been quite the mild winter thus far in the Washington DC area. We purchased the Epic Pass this year (fantastic military discount) with the hopes of using it most weekends but the ridiculously warm temperatures are proving it difficult to ski due to less-than-desirable conditions (on a related note, I have an honest review of Liberty Mountain Resort in Pennsylvania in the works). And I don’t know about you but January and February should be cold – it is disconcerting to not need a winter coat this time of year. I’m sure when we’re living in Chicago this time next year, I’ll be dreaming of 55 degree weather but for now, I just want snow and cold cheeks.

Speaking of Chicago, it hasn’t really hit us that we’ll be leaving this summer. Perhaps it’s because this is our second time being stationed here so it feels the most like ‘home’ but maybe we’ve moved so much that it doesn’t take much to phase us. We’ve been in this Army game long enough to know that it will all work out in the end so it seems silly to stress about such things – especially when we’re still a handful of months out from deep-dish pizza, Italian beef, and Formento’s chocolate cake.

Mmmm food. Over the past couple of years, I’ve gained 15 pounds. Apparently what worked for me in my early-30s doesn’t really do the trick in my mid/late-30s…who would’ve thought? I’ve been making some small changes to my fitness regimen and experimenting with my food intake to see if I can find the right balance for me. I love to eat and I adore everything that well-prepared and vibrant food represents so I have no desire to deny myself such an experience. However, I do understand that moderation is key and there can be too much of good thing. And I miss my abs.

So here’s to Monday. And the Kansas City Chiefs. And Loretta. Let’s make it a good one!

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