It’s Quiet Here


We’re settling into our new home on the North Shore of Chicago, where turquoise waters shimmer underneath the seemingly endless midwest sky. Our on-post house is yellow, it boasts the cheapest appliances we’ve encountered in our 15+ years of marriage, and it’s only a two-minute walk down to the rocky shoreline of Lake Michigan. We’re catching our breath and learning our new routine – the pandemic has made this move feel like the hardest one yet. While the house is unpacked and we’re beginning to meet people in the neighborhood, our life doesn’t necessarily feel like ours yet but I have faith it will in due time.

It’s quiet here – at least compared to our last three years in the Washington DC area. In fact, the past couple of months have been the most we’ve ever spent together as a family of four – partly due to pandemic-restrictions and the fact that Clay’s previous assignment was the most intense of his career thus far. Now that we’re on the other side, I suppose we’re realizing just how much of an impact the last three years had on our family – not that they were bad but we definitely learned some things about what we want and what we don’t want out of life. I wrote about how over the years I’ve learned to give when the Army asks for even more of my husband, and how I deal with envy, and the not-so-subtle art of dealing with disappointment. I’m not sure what lessons our two years at Fort Sheridan will teach us but we hope to leave America’s third coast with a clearer picture of what we want our next 10+ years to look like.

Clay and I are both on the increasingly fast downhill slide to 40 – while we have no desire to map out our remaining years in a manner than prevents us from experiencing the beautiful and exciting moments graced upon those who embrace the unpredictable nature of life, we also recognize that the Army isn’t forever and we have some decisions to make when we inevitably come to the fork in the proverbial military road.

I’m looking forward to writing more here at And Then We Laughed and other places. Now that I’ve settled into a routine at work (I am working remotely for our previous school district) and the house is almost done, I find myself wanting to write beyond my professional obligations and doing so without the guilt overwhelming me into paralysis.

So thank you for reading. I hope you continue to follow along with our adventures at our new duty station. The pandemic has halted our travel plans but we’re determined to make the best and most of our two years at Fort Sheridan, Illinois.

6 comments on “It’s Quiet Here”

  1. Hurrah to being done with the move and starting to establish a new normal in these not so normal times! Being by the lake sounds divine. I’m gagging for some nature of sorts, not having left NYC all year. Sigh! Enjoy the new place!


  2. So glad you made it to IL safely. I am sure you guys are enjoying the ability to explore a bit and spend time with Clay. Have you guys resumed school yet? I know you mentioned that you’d be homeschooling this year so will that give you some opportunities to explore the area a bit more too??


  3. I really enjoy your blogs! I’m glad I stumbled upon them about a year ago. Good luck with your new location and Godspeed! Ps yellow is my favorite color 🙂


  4. Thanks Lindsay! While we considered homeschooling for the year, we ultimately decided to have the kids attend public school. After reviewing the detailed ‘return to school’ plan and speaking with the principal, we decided that’d be the best fit for our family. However, it is very easy to start homeschooling in IL so should we decide to go that route mid-year, we can without skipping a beat.

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  5. Thank you, Denise! When the housing office did a virtual tour with us a few months ago, the yellow color didn’t translate well but I actually love it in person. If only I could change the color of the front door….ha!


  6. I’ve been thinking of everyone in NYC. I hope you can leave soon – I am so hopeful that things get better this winter but I am prepared for things to take a nose dive. 😦


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