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I read something the other day that referred to September as the month to refocus our energies. Now that we’re stationed in a place where September really does bring cooler weather and longer sleeves, the changing of the calendar felt more significant this year and not just because we survived another month of social isoloation and confining ourselves to a 50-mile radius. I’ve been giving some thought as to how I can refocus my anxieties surrounding outcomes I can’t control into positive and productive energy so when I read Missy’s post about her contribution for a monthly feature, I thought it’d be a good exercise for me and the chance for my reflections to exist outside of my paper journal. So without further ado, here’s what I’m currently appreciating, anticipating, collecting, starting, and finishing.

biking on Lake Michigan

Appreciating. Living in a walkable community on Lake Michigan has done wonders for our mental health this summer. While we were lucky to have many trails accessible from our house in Northern Virginia, we were limited to tributaries of the Potomac when we wanted to hike to a water source. The ability to bike and walk to restaurants, stores, and parks has been a dream for our active family and has made the travel ban a little bit easier to digest.

Anticipating. We’re anxious while waiting for the opportunity to travel again! We budget a fair amount for travel each year and with the exception of our trip to Walt Disney World in January, our travel plans for 2020 were sidelined. In cruel irony, we have hundreds of thousands of points to redeem on our travel credit cards and the inability to travel internationally.  We’re more than happy to do our part to support the travel industry when the time comes and have been daydreaming about Italy, Croatia, Indonesia, Australia, and remote Canada as potential first post-pandemic trips.

Lake Michigan beach glass

Collecting. Our sea beach glass collection grows with each walk to the water. About 30 seconds ago, I learned that technically, our collection consists of beach glass, not sea glass, because it comes from a freshwater source and not the ocean. So there you go – you can’t say you didn’t learn something from reading this post unless you already knew about the distinction, in which case – congratulations (said like Renée Elise Goldsberry in the cut Hamilton track Congratulations).

first day of school in a pandemic

Starting. The kids started hybrid-school yesterday. They’re in the classroom every morning with a handful of other {masked} students and then participate in virtual learning activities in the afternoon, in addition to asynchronous work throughout the week. They’re happy to be back in school and have done a great job rolling with the punches – no complaints about wearing a mask or adhering to other CDC guidelines.

Finishing. I really feel like I am finishing up a season of my life that was plagued with self-doubt, apprehension, and caring too much about the opinions of others. I suppose the downhill slide to 40 has that effect on women – I am more self-assured, confident, and take me as I am than I’ve ever been in my life. You don’t like me? Not my problem.

So cheers to September and the refocusing of our energies. I’m not sure what that exactly means but it sounds catchy. I’ll take it.

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