Meet Teddy Girl

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I’m happy to introduce our newest teammate – Teddy Girl ‘Ruff Rider’ Roosevelt.

yellow Labrador retriever puppy

We picked her up yesterday afternoon and I’m not going to lie – it feels like our lives have flipped upside down. Last time we had a puppy in our house, Clay and I were newlyweds and I was still actively searching for my first post-college job (i.e. lots of free time!) so it didn’t seem all that difficult to acclimate a dog into our lives. Fast forward 15+ years and it’s A LOT…in the most fantastic way possible.

yellow Labrador retriever puppy

When we said goodbye to Lucy almost two years ago, our little family wasn’t ready to welcome a new dog into our home right away. Not that it would’ve mattered because our landlords at the time made a special exception for Lucy and had an iron-clad no puppy and/or cat clause in our lease. So our plan was always to become a dog family again when the Army sent us on our next adventure.

yellow Labrador retriever puppy

One benefit of living in on-post housing is that pets are allowed and the soul-sucking search for pet-friendly rental on the economy can be avoided. So when we found out the Army was sending us to Fort Sheridan, we knew we’d be able to live on-post and finally be able to welcome pets into our home again. We adopted a kitten, Alice, back in August and anxiously awaited the arrival of her canine sister.

yellow Labrador retriever puppy

It wasn’t our original plan to wait until December to bring Teddy Girl home but that’s how the stars aligned. We have big plans for lots of adventures with Teddy Girl and we can’t wait to show her all of the things we love to do as a family. In the meantime, we will try and get Alice back on our good graces…while us humans are head over heals, she isn’t too sure about Teddy Girl.

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  1. Oh my goodness, she is so perfect! When I first saw her on FB, I lost my mind! Puppies are seriously like having babies though – best of luck and enjoy those snuggles!


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