The First Post {and Snow} of 2021

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My first blog post of 2021 accompanies an Instagram handle change (team.huffman.explores), a public resolution (does Facebook count?) to stop diminishing what I bring to the table, and the desire to use 2021 to really focus on professional goals. We were welcomed into 2021 with the first snow fall of the season so we spent yesterday morning hiking in the woods with frosted trees and empty trails to mark our transition from a leisurely winter break back to regularly-scheduled life.

We are thankful the Army sent us to a place that regularly gets snow in the winter and after the bust of a season in Washington DC last year, we took full advantage of the later-than-average first snowfall in Chicagoland. We’re not ones to isolate inside during the colder months – especially during COVID-19 – so as long as it is safe to be outside, we don’t let temperatures below 30˚ stop us. And fresh air during the winter months is just better. It’s true!

One thing that the pandemic has reminded us is that being outside improves our moods and helps alleviate some of the frustrations that inevitably arrive with being surrounded by each other with little respite.

Our hike did have us parents scolding our kids for bickering and not keeping their hands to themselves. But it also had moments of no conversation with only the sound of snow crunching underneath our boots. We also threw snowballs at each other, we laughed at inside jokes that outsiders would likely find bewildering, we talked about what we hope life will be in 2021, and Clay carried Teddy Girl when she got tired.

2021 won’t be perfect. I’ve lived enough years to know that perfection is overrated anyway. But I do have hope. 2020 taught me a lot of lessons – some more difficult to digest than others – and I have no doubt that 2021 will reveal herself in similar fashion. With brighter days on the horizon, I have a desire to dive deeper into my spirituality and what it means to be a good person. I also want to drink less coffee and more tea. I want to run at least 600 miles this year. I want my kids to go to school in person. I want our puppy to sleep through the night. I want my hair to be blonde with no upkeep. I want leggings that make my butt look like a masterpiece. I want to travel. I want, I want, I want. I suppose I should also strive to be a little less selfish in 2021.

So here’s to 2021. Let’s do this!

1 comments on “The First Post {and Snow} of 2021”

  1. Happy New Year, Karen! You know how much I love seeing families outdoors together! And yay for snow! I hope one day we’re able to live where we don’t have to drive two hours to snow again haha


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