Snacking Around the World with Universal Yums

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The sun has been shining around here lately, both literally and figuratively. After a brutally cold February, the snowpack is slowly melting and the sky is more blue than gray. And the falling rates of infection and rising vaccination numbers have put quite a bit of pep in our step as we book summer travel and make plans for warmer weather. We are so ready to venture back out into the world and have some non-local adventures! We’ve accepted that we won’t be able to travel internationally this summer but we haven’t let that stop us from experiencing foods from other countries. We ordered a 6-month subscription to Universal Yums as a Christmas gift to the kids and since then, we’ve enjoyed three boxes of curated snacks from around the world. We look forward to the arrival of the box each month and will definitely continue the subscription because we’ve been having a lot of fun sampling food we may not otherwise eat.

We currently get the Yum Box, which is the smallest box and comes with 5-7 snacks each month. Universal Yums also has two other sizes – the Yum Yum Box has 10-12 snacks and the Super Yum Box has 18-20 snacks. When our initial subscription runs out, I will likely upgrade to the Yum Yum Box because we’re always left wanting more than 5-7 snacks.

Each month has snacks from one country with the exception of the Holiday box that we received in Decemnber (our first one), which had holiday snacks from various countries. Our January box had snacks from the Netherlands and our February box (pictured) had snacks from Ukraine.

Our family likes to make the eating of the snacks an experience. We set aside time on a weekend afternoon and divide each snack into at least four pieces/servings. We then read about the country and each snack in the information booklet provided and rate them accordingly. This past month, we received the following snacks from the Ukraine:

  • Wasabi Chip Strips
  • Crème Brûlée Milk Chocolate Bar
  • Garlic Bread Chips
  • Polus Crispy Wafer Bar
  • Roshen Golden Key Sponge Cake with Condensed Milk
  • Fruit Juice Filled Caramel Toffee

The kids weren’t too keen on the wasabi strips. Meanwhile, I loved them!

The fruit juice-filled caramels were interesting…

We ate everything and agreed that the garlic bread chips and sweetened condensed milk cake were our favorites. In fact, I’ve been researching how to make a traditional Ukrainian milk cake and hope to attempt this one within the next week – I absolutely loved how the cake we sampled wasn’t overly sweet.

If you’re interested in trying Universal Yums for yourself and want to receive $5 off your first order, click here. I do receive a $5 credit so if you’d rather not use my referral link just go to and sign-up! Since it will probably be at least another year until we can get our international travel fix, I see us receiving Universal Yums boxes for quite some time. We’ve had a lot of fun sampling snacks from around the world and very much recommend other try it as well!

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