Our First Game at Wrigley Field

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The kids have grown up both watching and playing baseball. Being stationed in the Washington DC area a couple of times cultivated an appreciation for the Washington Nationals and we’ve long considered them “our team”, despite living an Uncle Sam-directed nomadic lifestyle. Attending games at Nationals Park quickly became a favorite family activity of ours and it remains one of the things we miss most about being stationed at the Nation’s Capital.

Our son’s first Nats game – age 3

For about two weeks, we had the ultimate PCS trip planned from Washington DC to Chicago last summer. It involved hitting as many ballparks as we could along the way and the ideal roundabout scenario had us seeing the Phillies, Pirates, Reds, Indians, Tigers, and White Sox play with the culmination at Wrigley Field to see the Cubs. It was a lofty goal and quickly squashed when words like pandemic, unprecedented, and abundance of caution entered our everyday vernacular. Needless to say, our PCS from Washington DC to Chicago was nothing like we originally pictured.

But fast forward 9 months and Major League Baseball is up and running, life is returning to something that looks familiar, and the Nats came to famed Wrigley Field. We originally had tickets for Monday night’s game but when our son discovered that he had state-wide testing on Tuesday and Wednesday morning, he asked if we could attend last night’s game instead. We resold our initial tickets on StubHub and bought new ones, which worked to our favor because we got to see our favorite intense heterochromia pitcher, Max Scherzer, on the mound!

It was our first time at Wrigley Field and its easy to see why it is considered one of the best ballparks. Attending a game at Wrigley Field really does feel like the quintessential baseball experience. The city has done a good job melding the historic 1914 components and modern advances without comprising the integrity of the park. We encountered many wonderful Cubs fans and a handful of other attendees sporting the curly W.

A Chicago dog at Wrigley Field is a must. One positive aspect of pandemic life is the embracing of mobile ordering. It was super easy to order food from our seats and we had the option of having it delivered or picking it up ourselves.

If possible, take your kids to a Major League Baseball game. As far as professional sporting events go, baseball remains one of the few ‘affordable’ options. Depending on the time of the game and the opponent, tickets may not cost more than going to a movie. Not will you be spending time as a family and creating memories, but you’re forging a connection to our country’s past. Singing ‘Take Me Out to the Ball Game‘ never gets old (a video of Harry Caray on the big screen led the rendition last night), explaining the intricacies of the game and debating close calls leads to interesting conversations, and jumping out of your seats to celebrate a home run almost always ensures that popcorn will rain down on you.

We had a fantastic time last night. The Nats won (woohoo!), we witnessed Dave Martinez throwing first base, and Juan Soto hit a home run. What’s not to love about that? We have about a year left here before the Army sends us somewhere else – in the meantime, we’re looking forward to attending as many games as we can at Wrigley Field.

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