My Favorite Photos of 2022

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I continue to be fascinated by people who are nonchalant about the start of a new year. I admit that my exasperation toward their lackadaisical approach to another revolution around the sun is silly – what does it matter if it contrasts with my excitement and optimism for the upcoming year? To be honest, 2022 wasn’t my favorite but it was filled with a lot of change, a lot of good, and many experiences that challenged and encouraged growth. In my anticipation for January 1, 2023, I combed through the thousands of photos that captured our past year and picked my favorites. Some of my favorite because they’re a great capture, while others are my favorite because of the memory. I look at the following collection with gratitude and appreciation for 2022 – shadows and all.

We started the year with snow in Illinois. Despite the cold temperatures and frigid windchill, we spent time outdoors as often as we could and didn’t let a little ice stop us from hiking the trails along Lake Michigan. Although one member of our family was by far the most excited to be outside in January.

Multiple inches of snow doesn’t cancel school in Chicagoland and our son grumbled many mornings while carrying his violin as he made his trek to the bus stop.

What we miss most about being stationed in Chicaogland? Cheering on the Cubs at Wrigley Field.

We made sure to see the Chicago River dyed green in celebration of St. Patricks Day.

We spent Spring Break in Southern California. The USS Midway is a family favorite in San Diego.

And Chewbacca hammed it up for the camera at Disneyland.

Teddy Girl very much approved of the cabin we rented in Door County, Wisconsin over Memorial Day weekend.

We saw yet another house packed up in preparation for our move to Pennsylvania.

We had an absolutely epic trip to Idaho and spent 6 days whitewater rafting and camping on the Salmon River. The drop off point was so remote that we had to fly in by small plane.

Our daughter decided that she wants to be a river guide when she gets older.

We also went to Maine, where we went lobstering off of Perkins Cove (among other New England activities).

The salty air did him good.

We arrived at Carlisle Barracks and immediately felt at home in Pennsylvania.

We took advantage of living along the Appalachian Trail.

We adopted a black kitten, Archie, who took absolutely no time becoming a full-fledged member of the family.

The two of us were able to travel to New York City with the Army War College for a whirlwind visit and had the BEST time! We met with various UN delegations, did a speakeasy tour with good friends, and even squeezed in the Music Man with Hugh Jackman and Sutton Foster.

I was reminded throughout the year of how much these kids rock the military lifestyle. We will move again in 2023 and I have no doubt that they will approach our new location with a healthy seasoned mix of excitement and trepidation.

We took the kids back to New York City for Thanksgiving weekend and finally had a family trip to the Big Apple without norovirus rearing its head (see New York City (Why we Want a Redo) and Sick in New York City. Again.).

And December brought snow to Carlisle Barracks.

Happy New Year!

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