Hi! I’m Karen. I’m a writer, wife, mother, and perpetual list maker. I’ve been married to my college sweetheart since 2004 (we were barely able to drink legally at our wedding). Like most military relationships, we spent the entirety of our engagement and first six months of marriage living thousands of miles apart.

We have two children, a yellow lab puppy, and an extremely social cat. As a family we enjoy traveling, hiking, kayaking, and eating food at delicious restaurants. We love how our children constantly remind us that we don’t know near as much about the world as we think I do.

We never stay in one place too long (thanks Army!) and we truly believe that adaptability is essential to a life well-lived. And Then We Laughed is where we document our adventures – big and small. It’s named as such because whatever experiences life has thrown our way, they always seem to end with laughter. As they should.