The PCS Chronicles – Part One: Eating the Elephant One Bite at a Time

We’re officially less than a month out from our scheduled move - emphasis on scheduled because I am not holding my breath that everything will go according to plan. Not only is the Army infamous for last-minute curveballs but the effects of COVID-19 have trickled down to most areas of the professional moving industry. But [...]

Camping on the Billy Goat Trail

Camping on the Billy Goat Trail

I’ve been relatively quiet on social media for the past couple of weeks. I even deleted Facebook from my phone because I lacked the self-control to read the racist and bigoted comments below the articles posted by major news outlets. On the flip side, I’ve also had the opportunity to engage in productive conversations that [...]

I Am Listening. And Learning.

Like millions of others, we spent last week digesting the news out of Minneapolis with absolute horror. During one of our many conversations about the current state of affairs, I said something that highlighted my privilege - “I just wish things would return to normal.” Clay was quick to agree and then almost immediately, we [...]