Author: Karen

Our ‘Trip’ to Chicago – Spring Break 2021 (Part 1/2)

Last summer, as we reflected on our long list of cancelled adventures, we were so hopeful that our spring break travel this year would’ve involved an international trip or at least a jaunt across the country but alas, it wasn’t in our cards. Our children are currently attending school in a hybrid capacity but next

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Our First Bike Ride of 2021 – Biking in the North Shore

Oh my goodness – what an absolutely gorgeous day it was yesterday on the north shore. From sunrise to sunset the skies were blue and the sun brilliantly shined. Remnants of winter still remain – the chill in the air and the lack of green landscape are constant reminders that spring has yet yet to

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Hiking in Deer Grove Forest Preserve on the First Day of Spring

Illinois is flat – second only to Florida in the contest of being the flattest in the United States. The suburbs of Chicago boast very little topographical relief and the act of climbing uphill feels novel and exciting if you get so lucky. For this reason alone, northern Illinois will never be remembered as one

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