Author: Karen

A Newcomers Guide to Life in Southern California {Guest Post}

When we drove away from Fort Leavenworth for the last time, I waited until we were through the gates until I opened the note Allyson handed me after our last hug goodbye. And then I promptly cried. And laughed. And then cried some more. Allyson is one of those friends that everyone feels lucky to

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Oh Malibu…Our Trip Southern California

Back in the spring of 2015, we were a bicoastal family for a week. The kids were in Wilmington, North Carolina with Clay’s parents while Clay and I spent a week in Southern California. We took an early morning direct flight to LAX out of RDU last Wednesday. The flight was unremarkable in a good

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Our Trip to Anchorage, Alaska and Surrounding Areas

When Clay returned from his second deployment, we didn’t have time to squeeze in a trip before PCSing to Fort Sill, Oklahoma. Well – I take that back. Him and I were able to take a four-day house-hunting trip to Lawton while the little guy stayed with my parents. The Caribbean has nothing on Lawton,

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