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An Overnight Getaway to Milwaukee, WI

We’ve been incredibly busy with work and our weekday evenings have been dominated by coaching and a variety of youth sports – we’re in the season of our lives where time is by far our most precious commodity. It’s why it has taken me almost a week to write this post. It is why our

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Why We Decided to Plan a Trip to Walt Disney World Sooner Rather Than Later

Travel has been virtually non-existent for our family since we entered pandemic life but back in February, we gambled on being vaccinated and tourism opening up and began booking late spring, summer, and fall travel. Life right now looks a lot different than this time last year – Clay and I are vaccinated, our kids

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Our ‘Trip’ to Chicago – Spring Break 2021 (Part 1/2)

Last summer, as we reflected on our long list of cancelled adventures, we were so hopeful that our spring break travel this year would’ve involved an international trip or at least a jaunt across the country but alas, it wasn’t in our cards. Our children are currently attending school in a hybrid capacity but next

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