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Reasons to Visit Lake Lanier in Georgia

I was in my senior year at Clemson when my parents decided to leave the suburbs of Philadelphia for life on a lake in northern Georgia. Because of this, our visits to my parents’ place over the years have never felt like I was ‘going home’ – that feeling is reserved for when we visit

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Spring Break 2019 Recap – Savannah, Georgia

After five states, four cities, and over 1600 miles, we are home and back to our regular routine. We had a great spring break. While our Easter was unconventional – the kids hunted for eggs in our Raleigh hotel room – it was spent with the people I love most in the world so I

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I Believe in Wilmington, North Carolina

When Clay and I make plans to visit our parents, it hardly feels like a chore because both sets have chosen to retire in locations that are geographically desirable and vacation destinations in their own right. Thank you, Mom and Dad! So when we realized that we’d be able to drive down to Clay’s parents

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