Tag: Northern Illinois

Hiking in Deer Grove Forest Preserve on the First Day of Spring

Illinois is flat – second only to Florida in the contest of being the flattest in the United States. The suburbs of Chicago boast very little topographical relief and the act of climbing uphill feels novel and exciting if you get so lucky. For this reason alone, northern Illinois will never be remembered as one

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The Skeletons of Highwood, IL

Happy Halloween! While we may not be trick-or-treating in the traditional sense this year, we’re still celebrating All Hallow’s Eve with costumes, a walk around the neighborhood, and candy. 2020 has been a year filled with canceled plans and creative solutions so its not a surprise that October 31st is any different. To be honest,

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Captain Daniel Wright Woods – A Little Bit of Hygge in Chicagoland

A few years ago when hygge became the design concept du jour, I jumped on board with enthusiasm and a multi-purpose lighter in my hand. What isn’t there to love about the feeling of cozy contentment while enjoying simple pleasures? Cozy blankets, layered warmth, and happiness – yes, please! The Danish concept of hygge is

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