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Why We Like Disneyland Resort Better Than Walt Disney World

10 years ago if you would’ve told us that we’d be considered a Disney Family, we would’ve scoffed at the idea of willingly forking over thousands of dollars to spend time in an artificial world that is seemingly designed to cater to a specific type of traveler who doesn’t value spontaneity, solitude, or adventure. Clay

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Walt Disney World June 2021 – What We Liked and What We Didn’t

We arrived home late last night from our first big trip since enduring pandemic life, of which felt a little too close to my generation’s beloved Oregon Trail. Sure – we PCS’ed last summer and we’ve taken long weekend trips to Chicago, Milwaukee, and Saugatuck but this one was our first big trip since outfitting

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Why We Decided to Plan a Trip to Walt Disney World Sooner Rather Than Later

Travel has been virtually non-existent for our family since we entered pandemic life but back in February, we gambled on being vaccinated and tourism opening up and began booking late spring, summer, and fall travel. Life right now looks a lot different than this time last year – Clay and I are vaccinated, our kids

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