We do the best with what we have.” The Army has yet to grace us with an overseas assignment but we haven’t let that stop us from going on domestic and international adventures.

As young 20-something newlyweds, we kept our adventures limited to North America and the Caribbean. Rather than use money to galavant around Europe or tour Asia, we chose to invest our money in real estate and put away extra toward retirement. While we don’t necessarily regret our fiscal responsibility, we do wish we prioritized travel. Now that we’re in our thirties with a couple of children added to the mix, our priorities have shifted and we no longer dream of a lavish house or shiny new baubles. Instead, we fantasize about traveling the world. And we have no intention of waiting until we’re retired to do so. Have questions about traveling with chidlren? Check out My Answers to Commonly Asked Travel Questions and read about some of our adventures: